Friday, November 5, 2010

First Date Don'ts

I have now been dating for 21 years.  Sad but true.

In those years, I have been on a LOT of first dates.  Most of them have been boring, average affairs, but some of them have been eye-rolling, groan-worthy productions where I've wished I was at home with a cold.  Based on those experiences, here is my list of "Don'ts" for guys on a first date:

1) Don't get sloppy with your appearance.  Only Collin Farrell and Adrian Grenier can pull that off.  Dress nicely. Shave. Get a haircut.

2) Don't talk about the history of corn. Or your health issues.  The first is coma-inducing. The second is just icky.

My date last night was disappointing.
3) Don't get "handsy."  Experts agree that the girl will make the first touch, if she's interested.  It's called flirting.  And don't press other body parts up against your date, either. 

4) Don't force a first kiss just to "get it over with."  It's a mood-killer.  Let it happen naturally.

5) Don't make comments about beating up women, children or animals. It's not funny.

What have I forgotten?  What "Don'ts" do you have?

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's There In Your Cupboard

Have you ever read one of those blogs where they talk about how to make your own sex toys from household objects?  (please, please, please put a condom over the banana before you use it as a dildo!)

Have you ever seen a TV segment on how common household items can be used in new and useful ways?

This is a blog that combines both!

Corn starch isn't just a good thickener for gravy, it's also handy to have around for your sexplay for two reasons:

1) It brings back the skin-like texture of certain silicone toys.  Some dildos and other soft-to-the-touch products develop a sticky, tacky texture after you play with them and then wash them.  Pour a little bit of corn starch into your hands, rub your hands together and then give that dildo a good handjob.  It'll be fresh out of the box again!

2) It absorbs skin oils for a smooth massage.  No massage oil handy?  Use corn starch instead. It's safe to use, and it will make your hands glide over your partner's skin easily.

Now, try not to giggle at Thanksgiving when mom pulls out the corn starch...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sofia, Darling

When I went to the International Lingerie Show in September, I was on a mission to find just the right lingerie for  It had to be glamorous and sexy, well-made but a good value and not too expensive or too cheap.  It had to be juuuuust riiiight.  Let me share some of my favorite pieces with you!

The Nora Chemise

The Josephine Chemise will also be available in Black and Red for the holidays.

This is Sofia - the teddy, not the blonde.
Do you like?  Check out the whole collection and let me know which is your favorite.  Then, order it!  There was a 15% off coupon in today's newsletter.  Didn't get your copy?  Send an email to, and we'll send you the 15% off code.

Oh, and if you want to help me name the panties, just let me know!

New We-Vibe Toys!

What great news!

We-Vibe II
We love the We-Vibe here at Primrose Path, so it's exciting that the We-Vibe company is announcing three new product lines.

The Touch is an hourglass-shaped clitoral stimulator and all-over massager.

The Tango is a lipstick-shaped bullet massager.

And the Salsa is a round-headed bullet massager.

Like the original We-Vibe, the new products are made from body safe materials, waterproof and rechargeable. We haven't seen a rechargeable bullet-sized massager before, so there's a lot of curiosity as to how it's going to work.

We'll let you know when they're available for sale!

What's Your Fantasy?

Halloween isn't just for kids!  It's the ideal time to act out your hidden fantasy. Sexy costumes are plentiful, and you already have society's permission to pretend to be something that you wouldn't normally be.  If you could play dress-up, who would you be?
A naughty nurse? Say ahhhh

An officer of the law?
Pirate's Booty?
Acting out fantasies with your partner is a safe way to explore new experiences with someone you know and trust.  It's not just for Halloween, either.  Check out to get your imagination started.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Women Fake It

Sorry, I'm not talking about orgasms.  I'm talking about faking a personality.

I saw this silly ad on Facebook that nettled me.  I'm not throwing furniture over it, but it got under my skin.

Let's leave aside the fact that an ad like this implies that making the relationship work lies solely in the woman's domain.  Where's the male version of this workshop?  Oh, yeah, they get workshops on how to hypnotize women.

What bothered me is that this ad suggests that there are checklists that will "fix" women so that they no longer engage in annoying behaviors that drive men away.  It's preying on all of the worst stereotypes for each gender.  Women are insecure, annoying, and downright dumb.  Men are all cheaters who don't know anything about communicating their feelings.

I have a hard time believing that relationships work because one party used a checklist in order to trick, manipulate and seduce the other.  I have this wacky idea that relationships work because, in general, all human beings are similar.  And where we're different, we make an effort to embrace those differences because we see how our diverse talents complement each other and make the world a better, more interesting and balanced place.

How about tossing out the checklists?  How long can manufactured attraction last, anyway?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Art Of Compromising

I have a friend - let's call him Rudy - that I sometimes consult with on relationship things so that I can get a male perspective.  By "consult with", I really mean "argue heatedly and good-naturedly."

Recently, Rudy and I were discussing one of the keys to a good relationship  - The Art Of Compromising.

Rudy: Women need to do the compromising in a relationship to make it work because men don't compromise.

Me: I think you're confused about the meaning of the word "compromise."

Rudy: No, I'm not.

Me:  Yes, you are.  A compromise involves both parties getting part but not all of what they want by giving up some of what they want.  You are talking about capitulating or giving in to your partner's wants.

Rudy: Yes, fine, whatever.

Me: Thank you for capitulating. 
There is a big emotional difference between compromising and capitulating.

For one thing, the word "promise" is part of compromise.  It means that each person is entering into an agreement and that they each promise to hold up their end of the deal.  If both sides meet the agreed-upon terms of the compromise, then going through the process together instills trust between the partners. There's no clear winner or loser, so no one loses face or gets to gloat.

However, when you capitulate, you give in and agree to your partner's wants while giving up on your own.  Sometimes, it's for good reason - you genuinely change your mind because you are persuaded.  Other times, though, we do it because we just don't want to argue or because our partner's happiness is more important than our own.  In capitulation, one person is a "loser" which builds resentment towards the "winner."

Let me toss out a scenario.  He bought two tickets to Sunday's football game and wants his best girl to go with him.  She bought two tickets for Legally Blonde: The Musical for the same day and time and wants to make a romantic date of it.  It's a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story from here:

Turn to page 18 if you choose to give up your tickets, go with your partner and spend the day sulking, making pointed comments about how much fun you're NOT having and withholding sex/affection for the next week.
Turn to page 27 if you choose to invite a friend to join you instead of forcing your partner to go.  Then, you will discuss your partner's negative traits in great detail throughout the day and arrive home spoiling for a fight.

Turn to page 31 if you call up the ticket office and try to change your tickets to another date for a small fee so that you can do both activities.
Turn to the Last Page if you choose to manipulate your partner into doing what you want through pouting and tearful threats.

How would you handle the above scenario?  How often do you compromise?  Is it easy or difficult?

How much of the time do you feel you capitulate?  How does it make you feel?

There are no two people in the world who are going to agree 100% of the time, yet we make our relationships work... somehow.  Sometimes.  Kind of.  When we want to.  Don't we?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the 2010 Winner Is....

I'm in front with Greg DeLong of njoy, Vera from FYN and Ron Jeremy
Sadly, I am missing the big trade show of the year.  That means that I am also missing the second annual 'O' Awards.  Last year was lots of fun, and I got my picture taken with some . . . interesting people.

I'm sad to be missing it (and hopeful that my orders are filled since everyone's gone to the show this weekend).  So, I've decided to give out my own 'O' Awards based on the ANE's nominees.

Overall Product Design for Women

Overall Product Design for Men

Innovation for 2010

Best Marketing Campaign
Je Joue, The G-Spot Does Exist!


Lube, Lotion or Potion

Online Retailer
(write-in campaign for) Primrose Path Toys!

Powered Product
G-Ki from Je Joue

Non-Powered Product
Pure Wand from njoy
Runner-up is the Joque Harness from Spareparts Hardwear

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vibrator Envy

I used to work in direct marketing.  I didn't actually DO the direct marketing, so don't throw things at me, but I worked behind the scenes so corporations could put together their intrusive campaigns.  When things were slow, I was obligated to keep myself busy by reading trade magazines so that I could keep up with what was happening in the DM industry.

Yuck.  I'm an avid reader, but this wasn't a topic that engaged my attention.  Getting laid off was a relief.

On the other hand, trade mags in the Adult Novelty and Entertainment business are a MUCH more interesting read.  Sure, there's a lot of who-inked-a-deal-with-whom, but there are also terrific cover stories, like this one, from April.
It really highlights a new trend in the novelty industry - male toys.

Guys are feeling like they're getting, ahem, the shaft when it comes to sex toys.  Women get the We-Vibe and Gigi and the Rabbit and dildos in all sizes, shapes and colors.  What do guys get?

I'll tell you - cock rings, prostate massagers and portable pussies (or cock socks).  Women can't help it if a man's body doesn't lend itself as nicely to more elaborate and imaginative toy designs.

However, an effort is being made!  Tenga, a Japanese company, is really leading the way in making mens masturbatory aids that have masculine appeal without looking ridiculous (where will you hide your porn star pussy when girlfriend comes over, anyway?).

Companies like Nexus and Aneros are putting together educational campaigns to let men know about the benefits of prostate massage.  A decade ago, it was all about the G-spot.  Now, it's all about the P-spot.  Men are catching on that the backdoor provides entry to a new level of pleasure.  Sorry, couldn't avoid the pun. 
Another P-spotting tool: the Pure Wand from nJoy

Cock rings are popping up everywhere, courtesy of companies, like Screaming O, who place their product all over reality TV.  One of the reasons that vibrating cock rings are so popular is that they have appeal to both sexes.  Want to see a demonstration?  Check out the Primrose Path video!

So, guys, vibrator envy is a thing of the past!  You've been heard - now, enjoy your playtime!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Vacation Wishlist

Whether you're going on a trip or staying in, summer is a great time to relax and get reacquainted with your sweetie-pie.  So, turn the AC down low because this is a list of HOT* items to keep you busy until the cool weather returns:

1) Fly MicroVibe  ($28.00)

Waterproof, soft and curvy, the Fly Microvibe is a new favorite.  It's perfectly hand-sized and easy to toss into your overnight bag!

2) Kissable Shave Cream  ($11.00)

Love, love, love this shaving cream!  It has a pleasant, unisex scent and can be used all over your body.

3) Dahlia  ($20.00)

This small yet powerful G-spot vibrator will hit that spot every time with her 3 speeds. Dahlia is waterproof for fun in the hot tub or bath tub.

4) Glow Oil  ($15.00)

Refresh your skin after a shower or a day at the beach with sexy, sultry Glow Oil.  I know you can't smell through your monitor, but trust me - you'll love these scents!

5) Steamy Sex Game  ($9.95)

The variety of games in this box will keep you and your partner busy until next summer!

6) Sex Kitten mask and cuffs  ($22.00)

Once your partner is blindfolded and bound, will you be naughty or nice?  It's difficult to choose!

7) Edible Massage Candle  ($16.00)

Which fruit is your favorite?  These soy-based candles melt into massage oil that smells and tastes like summer fruits: Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach, Cherry and Grape. 

8) Vibrating penis ring  ($8.00)

Fun for a girl and a boy!  Not sure how to use a penis ring?  Check out this video I made.  Waterproof and disposable, vibrations last about 75 minutes.

9) bNaughty Unleashed  ($65.00)

A wireless remote-controlled egg vibrator - think of the possibilities!

10) Five Minute Erotica  ($9.95)

Need a kick-start to set the mood? Read aloud one of the 35 short, erotic essays from this book. Mee-yow!

11) Afterglow personal wipes  ($7.00)

It's going to get messy - don't forget to pack some toy cleaning wipes.  Afterglow personal wipes are gentle enough to be used directly on your body, too.

12) Lube  ($12.50)

Pick your favorite!  Water-based?  Tingly?  Flavored?  You can't go wrong with Sliquid personal lubricants.  Good for your body and your sex life!

Surprise your schmoopie!  Put together a gift package with these products, and shipping is a flat fee of $6.00 from the website!

*yet affordable!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All About We-Vibe

The We-Vibe is our most popular vibrator - for good reason!

It's waterproof, body-safe, rechargeable, and flexible with a revolutionary design. It's so fresh and exciting that it looks a little different, compared to the other bullet, rabbit and representational designs on the market.

We've put together a video to help you see what makes We-Vibe worth moaning about.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Video! Choosing a Vibrator

Okay, I haven't been blogging, but I've been working on other projects!

Shibaricon was a lot of fun. I was there vending with one of my manufacturers (Vera from For Your Nymphomation). It was her first trip to Chicago, and she got to know every Apple store in a 50-mile radius. It's a long story.

The spare room in my house has become a retail store. Are you interested in a personalized shopping experience with your partner? Set up an appointment with me, and I'll answer your questions about various products. You won't get that kind of service elsewhere!

I have also been putting together educational videos about some of our most popular items at Primrose Path. A website can only tell you so much - sometimes you need a demonstration. I'm always happy to grab my Wondrous Vulva puppet for a little show-and-tell.

Today, I put up a video about choosing a vibrator. There are literally thousands of different vibrators out there, and it is very intimidating for a first-time shopper to pick through them to figure out which one is going to do the best job. This video won't answer every question, but it's a start. Plus, it features two of our favorite vibrators from LELO - Gigi and Lily. They're pretty and functional and worth every penny!

Let me know what you think! What other questions do you have about these products that weren't answered by the video?

Coming up next . . . How to Use the We-Vibe!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fresh Gift Idea for the Bride!

I was talking to Elizabeth Gronert of Private Quarters recently, and she showed me the freshest bridal shower gift idea I've seen in years - a wedding-dress-inspired spa sarong for the bride to wear as she does her wedding day prep.

The best thing about this gift is that it's not a one-day-only thing.  The bride can wear it for years, and every time she does, she'll get to relive the excitement of that special day!

Contact Elizabeth Gronert at or (847)502-8394 or visit her website at  Look for the Our Products tab - the sarong is on p. 36.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex: How To Do Everything - Book Review

First of all, I have to confess that I adore Em & Lo, the co-authors of this book. I was a huge fan of their last book (The Big Bang), and I've been eager to get my hands on this new one.

If this book doesn't get your motor running, then you need to check your pulse!

Sex: How To Do Everything is exactly what the title implies - a handbook that tells the story in words and images of how to do anything and everything sexual. In an improvement on The Big Bang, the pictures are more relevant to the text and highly illustrative of the positions and techniques being discussed. While the pictures are beautifully graphic, they aren't explicit i.e. there are no photos of penetration. This is an instructional book, not porn!

The one thing that's missing from this book is: Gays and Lesbians! What the heck, Em & Lo? While I don't have my copy of The Big Bang handy (it's been loaned out - AGAIN), I believe that there were at least a couple of gay- or lesbian-friendly images. There are none in this book. It's exclusively hetero-focused.  For good or bad, Em & Lo have a target audience, and they have narrowed in on it.

Why would you need or want a sex book? Sex is simple and you know it all, right?

This book is a great icebreaker!

At the beginning of a relationship, it can be challenging to get your new partner to open up and talk about what s/he likes or dislikes. You're still self-conscious and unable to honest express yourself. Props and pictures can help to unlock secret fantasies or difficult-to-convey thoughts and ideas. A glass of wine helps, too.

Alternatively, if you and your longtime partner are searching for fresh inspiration, Sex: How To Do Everything is chock full of ideas. It won't take many photos to get you both thinking, "Maybe we could try that ... or that ... or that!" You'll soon be tossing the book (carefully) to the floor to try something new!

Em & Lo have a unique voice together. They're smart, witty and no-nonsense. They expect you to have hang-ups and to occasionally make a gross-out face, but they won't indulge you in it. Here is an excerpt from the Introduction to the book:

If it ruins sex for you to be told which sex toys might move the earth for you and which will just irritate your sensitive bits, then go ahead and leave this book on the shelf. We're sure there's something interesting in the gardening aisle for you. But as for the real mystery of sex - how an orgasm can make you forget your own name, how the best sex can feel like two souls merging, how sex with a complete stranger can sometimes free you to be yourself, how bumping uglies can feel like anything but - well, we promise this book won't spoil any of that.

If I could write a sex book, this is what I would write!  It should be tucked underneath every (heterosexual) bed in every English-speaking nation!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My First YouTube Video

For a general overview of what Primrose Path is and what kind of products are offered, check out this peachy-keen video:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog + Microphone = Podcasting!

Busy times call for rapid-fire blogging!

There was the website re-launch party on April 10th - have you seen the new and improved website?  Kristen at Sublime Design did a fabulous job.

There was a Spa Day to benefit Guardian Angel Home and end violence against women and children this past Sunday, April 18.

The next big, public event is Saturday, May 8 - Sex Toys and Sexier Martinis at the Martini Room in Elgin, IL.  Guys are welcome to join in the fun!  There'll be a crowd of horny women - what more do you need to know?

And now, I've got a new microphone, and I'm ready to take this blog audio!  Who reads these days, anyway?  You can listen to me talk about Primrose Path - easy, peasy!


The podcasts are being integrated into the website, and you can also find them on under ThePrimrosePath.

Have a question that you want me to answer?  Fire it off to me at, and maybe it will be the next subject that I tackle!

Before I forget - there's a contest to win a free Bullet!  Three easy steps:
1) Go to the website and choose a Login name
2) Write a review for a product you purchased from Primrose Path
3) Cross your fingers!

Each review will get you one entry in the contest for the FREE bullet.  The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, May 14, 2010 and notified by email.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

On Contemplating an Arranged Marriage

Or, I Became a Spinster at Age 20

In my work as a sex toy educator, I do a lot of networking and meet dozens of new people each week. 

This week, I met a man who was a Muslim and had emigrated to America from the Middle East.  I assumed that, based on his religious faith, he would be uncomfortable talking to me, so I didn't make an effort to socialize with him.  However, we ended up leaving the event together, and we struck up a very meaningful conversation in which we covered The Rules of Muslim Sex (my caps) as well as how to target sex education for Muslim youth. 

It was an extremely enlightening and interesting discussion, and I've revisited the memory all week.  When I get some time, I'd like to find some reading materials to fill in the blanks for me.

However, one of the things that really jumped out at me is that there is an assumption (an assumption that is shared by many major religions) that youth are saving themselves sexually for marriage and practicing abstinence because they expect to be married in a timely fashion.  To me, timely means around age 18-24 for women, and perhaps a little older than that for men.

Now, what happens if you go to graduate school or you're a late-bloomer or you simply don't find your mate in the marriage game during those years and somehow end up single in your mid-30s (like me!)?  Is a lifetime of sexual frustration and loneliness your reward for abstinence?  As an added bonus, you will probably also get to spend the prime of your life caring for your aging parents because you're the family spinster/bachelor. 

Arranged marriages are the safety net in this equation, I think.  Surprisingly, I'm not against arranged marriages - I've read the research that shows that they can last longer and be "more sucessful" than love matches.  When I was 18, I would've gone kicking and screaming bloody murder to the altar, but now?  Sign me up.  I have a bunch of home repairs that need doing, and I could really use a second income around here. 

Back to the thought that's really been entertaining me today:

Who would my parents have arranged for me to marry back when they were still in control of my fate?  Who would they pick now?

Think about it - if your parents would have arranged your marriage when you were 18, who would they have chosen?  How do you think that marriage would have been?  Could you have made it work or would you have been sleeping in separate bedrooms within the first year?

I'd love to hear your stories!

Sharon, Sex Toy Educator
Owner, Primrose Path

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Club for Men

Ah, Craigslist.  You provide all of us with hours and hours of entertainment.  This guy is looking for advice on what he should do with his body hair to make him more attractive to women.  Obviously, he hasn't heard that women are into intangibles (i.e. money, status, and a sense of humor), not hair maintenance. 

Part of me wants to respond to his questions and help him out.  Honestly, I admire his frankness.  The rest of me is laughing at his ability to describe his armpit hair.  What advice would you give him about hair maintenance for men?
If you ladies of Craigslist could answer some basic questions about body hair maintenance you will not only have my eternal gratitude, but who knows, maybe I'll get my shit together one of these days and you're good deed will be rewarded by a well quaffed body and junk. I assume the rules are not universal, so I'll describe myself briefly. I'm about 6' tall and 185 pounds. Roughly that translates to solid man body. I've got muscles and can fill up a space but I'm not super ripped, nor am I slender enough to be lithe. If I were a narcissistic schmo with body issues I'd be telling myself I look like Russell Crow. To be clear, I'm not saying I have Russell Crow's body, I'm saying that if dropped everything else and dedicated myself to adding fifteen or twenty pounds of lean muscle to my body, that would be the body I would be shooting for.

I don't want to mess with my chest hair, it has a really nice shape, it's thick enough but soft and tapers off well before it gets to the shoulder. Stomach hair I can take or leave though. As it is, there's a pretty well pronounced happy trail plus about a four inch diameter ploom of thin dark hair radiating from the belly button. Arm hair is really no problem, I've got enough to not look like a child but I singed and re-singed my arms every day for two years at a factory job in highschool, so arms aren't really an issue. I'm also pretty happy my level of leg hair, though I do get hair on my toes. Is that a problem? I'd be perfectly comfortable getting rid of that. My back, thank God, is hairless and I can pluck the occaisonal spider hair from my shoulders. Armpit hair, a bit unruly and tends to want to always stick straight out. This means that when I fold my arms their are often hairs sticking out straight forward as if they are aiming in front of me.

Finally, the junk/butt region. I got no hair on my ass cheeks, but things get pretty dense in between. I shaved in between there once on a lark and spent a very sad week with a stubbly butt. When I was a teenger my friends told me it was real important to shave one's pubes so that the business looks bigger. I was both pretty well naturally endowed such that making it appear bigger wasn't a concern, and, frankly I wasn't getting laid anyway so I never got in the habit of tidying up.

Now that you know more than anyone could possibily want to about my body and its hair than you could possibily want or need please, if it's not too much trouble could you please answer the following with an eye towards making a girl enjoy seeing me naked.

I'll start easy:
1) Toe hair, issue or no?
2) If I'm not gonna shave my chest is it best to just leave the stomach be as well? If no, what shoud be trinned and what, if anything should stay.
3) Is hair btween my butt cheeks a problem? If yes, can you recommend a strategy other than a safety razor?
4) I'd feel rediculous shaving my armpits, but the hair does poke out in a less than Fred Astaire manner. Can I trim it? Will it look like I trimmed it, i.e. would that be noticeable, and if it were to be noticed, would that be a problem at all?
5) Finally, the junk. I know it's gotta be trimmed, it's a damn jungle down there, but how. Should it be uniform throughout. Is there a good length to go with, I was thinking like a number 2 or 3 guard. Anything fancy I should consider? Are there parts that really ought to be totally hairless. That kinda thing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's HOT this Valentine's Day?

And this year's Best Seller for Valentine's Day is...
InnerVibe Vibrating Penis Ring!  

Were you surprised? 

Forget about "Penis Envy" - the fact is that men are jealous of women and their sex toys.  A penis ring, or cock ring, like the one from InnerVibe, makes them feel like they finally get their chance to play.  Turn on the vibrations, and women have something to to get excited about, too. 

At Primrose Path, we know how much men like gadgets. 

Cock rings are a mystery to many women (and men, too).  Thus, Primrose Path presents a lesson in the Why and How of cock rings.  (Disclaimer: The following information applies safely only to the cock rings that Primrose Path offers.  Keep in mind that a cock ring should not be worn for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.)

What does a cock ring do?  The main function of a cock ring is to restrict bloodflow from the penis back into the body, thus prolonging an erection.

The longer version goes like this: When a man gets an erection, the penile tissues become engorged with blood.  Over time, if there is sexual activity without orgasm, the blood gradually drains back into the body, and the penis becomes flaccid again.  Certain positions, such as ones that feature the Woman on Top, speed up this process.  Gravity works against a man who is flat on his back.  The constriction provided by a cock ring prevents the blood from flowing back into the body, thus maintaining an erection for a longer period of time.

Frequently, vibrating bullets are added to cock rings, giving them more functionality and flexibility for partner use.

How is a cock ring worn?  There are two ways to wear a cock ring.  

In the first method, it is worn simply around the base of the penis.  With vibrations on, this will add clitoral stimulation to the penis shaft for the enjoyment of a female partner.

In the second method, the ring is stretched to encircle the scrotum, and then the semi-rigid penis is pushed/pulled through the ring.  This method is the surest way to prolong an erection and prevent the penis from becoming flaccid too quickly.

Wow, I swear I just heard a chorus of men saying, "What?!!  My SCROTUM?!!"   Remember - the goal of a cock ring is to restrict blood from flowing back into your body.   The Vibrating Penis Rings shown in both pictures are made of silicone, and are stretchy enough to slide easily over a fist and be worn as a wrist corsage, if you're in the mood to flaunt your evening plans.

Don't believe me?  Here's a video to prove it.  A big thank you to the staff at Babeland for demonstrating five ways to use a vibrating cock ring.

The Innervibe Vibrating Penis Ring is the perfect item for a first-time user who wants to try a new gadget because it's inexpensive and disposable.  You get about 30-45 minutes of vibrations - it's great for weekend getaways!  

For more experienced cock ring users, Primrose Path offers the Bo from LELO - a rechargeable silicone cock ring that will provide years of enjoyment and experimentation (see the photo on the right).  LELO is the Hyundai of the adult novelty industry - they provide a one-year warranty on all of their motors.

Both products are available at  It might be too late now for Valentine's Day delivery, but it's never too late to try something new and

Be Led Astray!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Steak and a BJ Day

Hello all!

It's a busy season for Primrose Path right now because Valentine's Day is coming up soon!  We have all sorts of events going on, in case you haven't heard:

January 24 - Girls Night Out at RAM Restaurant & Brewery, Schaumburg, IL 4-7 PM
Come out to socialize and have dessert with Primrose Path and other vendors.  Do some shopping or make a wish list for your sweetheart.  Primrose Path items will be on display and available for purchase.

January 30 - Party Your Pants Off Pre-Valentine's Day Event at Tease Dance & Fitness in Naperville
A Ladies Only event where we'll learn a lap dance/striptease routine that will make your partner drool ... in a sexy way.  Primrose Path items will be on display and available for purchase.

February 14 - Flirting for Single People at Limestone Restaurant and Brewery in Plainfield, IL
Mix and mingle with other local singles, enjoy appetizers and get a swag bag while you learn some flirting tips.  There will be plenty of time to practice your ice-breaking skills on your new acquaintances!

Contact us at if you would like more details about any of these events.

But, what is "Steak and a BJ Day"?  If you haven't heard, "Steak and a BJ Day" is the straight man's answer to Valentine's Day, where women are expected to buy their man a steak and pleasure him orally.  I believe it's supposed to occur March 14.  Dan Savage explains it here, and gives his take on why it should really be "BJ and a Steak Day." (He brings up a good point!)

A little tit for tat?  Men, is it necessary to be this equal?  Women, will you be participating in this holiday?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tis the Season for Cabin Fever

The holidays have come and gone, and now it's back to work!  For those of us living north of the Mason/Dixon line, it's also the time to find activities to combat cabin fever.  The thermometer is hovering around (or below) zero; the snow is piling up; the notion of going out in something sexy and revealing shows an astounding lack of good sense.  What to do to entertain yourself the next couple of months?

The transition from one year to the next is always awash in Top Ten lists.  Here is the first ever Primrose Path Top Ten list:

Top Ten Activities You Can Do At Home to Beat the Winter Blahs

10. Grow your own Wheatgrass . . . for your cat
9. Crank call the IRS
7. Develop the perfect iPod setlist for your mail carrier to listen to on their route
5. Write a journal in igPay atinLay
4. Sew the days of the week into your underwear
3. Make your own human furniture
2. Play strip Solitaire at the computer (just make sure you crank up the heat first)

and, of course,

1. Shop online at!

There's no better pleasure than the pleasure you can give yourself... over and over and over again!