Monday, January 4, 2010

Tis the Season for Cabin Fever

The holidays have come and gone, and now it's back to work!  For those of us living north of the Mason/Dixon line, it's also the time to find activities to combat cabin fever.  The thermometer is hovering around (or below) zero; the snow is piling up; the notion of going out in something sexy and revealing shows an astounding lack of good sense.  What to do to entertain yourself the next couple of months?

The transition from one year to the next is always awash in Top Ten lists.  Here is the first ever Primrose Path Top Ten list:

Top Ten Activities You Can Do At Home to Beat the Winter Blahs

10. Grow your own Wheatgrass . . . for your cat
9. Crank call the IRS
7. Develop the perfect iPod setlist for your mail carrier to listen to on their route
5. Write a journal in igPay atinLay
4. Sew the days of the week into your underwear
3. Make your own human furniture
2. Play strip Solitaire at the computer (just make sure you crank up the heat first)

and, of course,

1. Shop online at!

There's no better pleasure than the pleasure you can give yourself... over and over and over again!

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