Friday, February 25, 2011

Your Cosmetics May Cause Breast Cancer

That's a strong statement, but studies have shown that a group of preservatives known as parabens play a role in the development of skin cancer and breast cancer.  Parabens are widely used throughout the cosmetics industry.  Go ahead and check your shampoo bottles, cleansers, lotions and lipsticks. Down near the end of the ingredient list, you'll find it.

Parabens are absorbed through the skin, where they mimic the hormone estrogen.  Making changes to the estrogen process in women increases the tendency of developing estrogen-dependent diseases like breast tumors.  Parabens can also intensify existing allergic reactions and promote contact dermatitis and rosacea.

Your risk is greater as you are exposed to more parabens, so eliminating parabens from your grooming routine can have enormous benefits to both your skin and your tatas.

When it comes to romance, there are many products that are paraben-free, including lubricants, massage oils, vaginal tighteners and anal relaxants.  Here are some favorites:

1) Sliquid Organics personal lubricants

Ever buy an "organic" product and have it be less effective? You won't get that here! The personal lubricants from Sliquid Organics are good for your body AND they really work. There are four amazing choices:
Natural = water-based formula
Silk = water-based plus some silicone
Natural Gel = water-based formula but thicker
Sensation = has menthol for a warm, tingly feeling

And don't miss Sliquid Swirl flavored lubricants, too!

2) Intimate Organics massage oils

Intimate Organics' all natural massage oils provide you with a night of romance while being good to your skin.  Three earthy scents will put you in the mood.
Sensual - a blend of cocoa-bean and goji-berry
Relaxing - a combination of lemongrass and coconut
Energizing - an invigorating mix of orange and wild ginger

3) Earthly Body massage candles and Glow Oil

Earthly Body edible massage candles and edible Glow Oils are paraben-free, cruelty-free and make you feel good all over! The hemp seed oil has anti-aging properties, so you can use the massage oil to slow the aging process of your skin.  They are available in many tasty flavors.

4) Kissable shave cream

Rich in botanicals, this shave cream softens hair and conditions skin to help give a soft, smooth shave. The nourishing, moisturizing benefits of hemp combined with argan oil extract from Morocco protect your skin from shave rashes and skin bumps, even in sensitive areas. 

5) Intimate Organics Adventure and Embrace

Adventure Anal Spray and Embrace Tightening Gel are special because they don't contain the usual harmful ingredients.  Unlike other anal sprays that can numb the sphincter, Adventure contains a certified organic blend that relaxes the anal sphincter so that penetration becomes more comfortable. 

Embrace contains a blend of certified organic extracts that causes the vaginal tissue to temporarily contract.  Tightness and warmth increases pleasure for both partners.  Unlike other tightening gels, Embrace does not contain alum, which works by dehydrating and irritating the vaginal tissue.

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Hide Your Toys

I was recently talking to a mother who told me that her teenage daughter found a sex toy under mom's pillow.  Now, this could be a "teaching moment," but for a lot of parents, it's too embarrassing in the moment to think about teaching.  Keeping your adult toys away from prying hands and eyes is a big concern for most people - whether they're trying to hide them from their kids or from roommates, parents or nosy friends and neighbors.  There are two ways to go about this: 1) lock them up or 2) hide them in plain sight.  Otherwise, you might walk in on a scene like this IKEA commercial

Lock Them Up
Have your kids been stealing the batteries out of your toys again (true story!)?  Keep them safe in a For Your Nymphomation locking storage case. 
Big Foot
 Cases are available in multiple sizes and colors to fit any toy collection and taste. Each case has a lock and two keys.  We suggest choosing black to discourage curiosity. 

Hide Them in Plain Sight
When I show people the Ideal, I always say that it's the easiest vibrator to hide in plain sight even though it's clearly the largest and loudest one that Primrose Path sells.  Here's the thing: The Ideal is a personal massager that you can use on any body part, like your back, neck, shoulders, calves, etc.  Get the people around you used to the sight and sound of you using the Ideal after a workout to ease sore muscles.  Then, they won't be so curious when you use it alone in your bedroom.  However, there's a chance that other people will want to use it, too, so be prepared for that!
The Ideal
The Ideal has many outstanding features: it's rechargeable, ergonomically suited to your hand and it's a great value for the price.

If the Ideal is too large or too loud for you, try its smaller cousin, the Mini Wand
Mini Wand

Travel-sized and quiet, the rechargeable Mini Wand is powerful enough to relieve aches, pains or other tensions you may have. 

Keep your goodies safe and protect them from prying eyes and fingers.  Otherwise, you're going to be the punch line at a cocktail party some night!