Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why Women Fake It

Sorry, I'm not talking about orgasms.  I'm talking about faking a personality.

I saw this silly ad on Facebook that nettled me.  I'm not throwing furniture over it, but it got under my skin.

Let's leave aside the fact that an ad like this implies that making the relationship work lies solely in the woman's domain.  Where's the male version of this workshop?  Oh, yeah, they get workshops on how to hypnotize women.

What bothered me is that this ad suggests that there are checklists that will "fix" women so that they no longer engage in annoying behaviors that drive men away.  It's preying on all of the worst stereotypes for each gender.  Women are insecure, annoying, and downright dumb.  Men are all cheaters who don't know anything about communicating their feelings.

I have a hard time believing that relationships work because one party used a checklist in order to trick, manipulate and seduce the other.  I have this wacky idea that relationships work because, in general, all human beings are similar.  And where we're different, we make an effort to embrace those differences because we see how our diverse talents complement each other and make the world a better, more interesting and balanced place.

How about tossing out the checklists?  How long can manufactured attraction last, anyway?

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