Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the 2010 Winner Is....

I'm in front with Greg DeLong of njoy, Vera from FYN and Ron Jeremy
Sadly, I am missing the big trade show of the year.  That means that I am also missing the second annual 'O' Awards.  Last year was lots of fun, and I got my picture taken with some . . . interesting people.

I'm sad to be missing it (and hopeful that my orders are filled since everyone's gone to the show this weekend).  So, I've decided to give out my own 'O' Awards based on the ANE's nominees.

Overall Product Design for Women

Overall Product Design for Men

Innovation for 2010

Best Marketing Campaign
Je Joue, The G-Spot Does Exist!


Lube, Lotion or Potion

Online Retailer
(write-in campaign for) Primrose Path Toys!

Powered Product
G-Ki from Je Joue

Non-Powered Product
Pure Wand from njoy
Runner-up is the Joque Harness from Spareparts Hardwear


  1. you are such a cutie Sharon! You even make the others in that photo look good...yeah, I know who they are...but I won't admit it in public! lol - mpt

  2. And the ACTUAL winners are...

    Overall Product Design for Women: G-Ki, Je Joue

    Overall Product Design for Men: Tenga Egg

    Innovation: Form 2, Jimmyjane

    Best Marketing Campaign: Je Joue, The G-Spot Does Exist!

    Overall Packaging: The LELO Product Line

    Lube or Potion: Chocolate Body Paint, Shunga

    Powered Product: Pirate Pendant (it's a vibrator on a necklace inspired by an adult movie)

    Nonpowered Product: Sex In A Can, Fleshlight