Friday, October 29, 2010

It's There In Your Cupboard

Have you ever read one of those blogs where they talk about how to make your own sex toys from household objects?  (please, please, please put a condom over the banana before you use it as a dildo!)

Have you ever seen a TV segment on how common household items can be used in new and useful ways?

This is a blog that combines both!

Corn starch isn't just a good thickener for gravy, it's also handy to have around for your sexplay for two reasons:

1) It brings back the skin-like texture of certain silicone toys.  Some dildos and other soft-to-the-touch products develop a sticky, tacky texture after you play with them and then wash them.  Pour a little bit of corn starch into your hands, rub your hands together and then give that dildo a good handjob.  It'll be fresh out of the box again!

2) It absorbs skin oils for a smooth massage.  No massage oil handy?  Use corn starch instead. It's safe to use, and it will make your hands glide over your partner's skin easily.

Now, try not to giggle at Thanksgiving when mom pulls out the corn starch...

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