Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women and the Technology of Sex: Ada Lovelace Day

I initially read about Ada Lovelace Day about one week ago, so I didn't have a lot of time to research and throw something together. However, inspiration struck me yesterday. Thankfully, I'm not so old yet that the synapses just fizzle instead of firing, and I was able to retrace my footsteps from two months ago to single out a woman who is making a difference in technology one sex toy at a time.

Susan Colvin is the President and Founder of California Exotic Novelties, an industry leader in the adult novelty market. What struck me most about her story is that she used her business expertise combined with her perspective as a woman to make waves in the boys' pool. She introduced packaging and products that would appeal to women instead of men and revolutionized the adult novelty industry.

Have you heard of (or used) the Jack Rabbit, the vibrator made famous on Sex in the City? Colvin's predominantly-female team dreamed that up, and they continue coming up with ideas today to titillate a crowd that's easily jaded.

In fact, the impact that California Exotic Novelties has had on the industry is such that the company is being recognized for its pioneering role in an exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum (a non-profit cultural and educational project) in Las Vegas.

Three cheers for women excelling in technology, setting new standards within their respective industries and paving the way for other women to follow!

P.S. I completely and unabashedly grabbed the above photo from Colvin's alma mater's newsletter. All credit to them and none to me!

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