Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reality Check, your Papalness

What world is the pope living in?  Preaching on abstinence to the HIV-plagued African continent?

Here are my random, scattered thoughts on this:

Abstinence? Really? This isn't just a problem among wild, crazy teenagers who don't understand the dangers of unprotected sex. What about the wife who is at risk of contracting HIV from her philandering husband? Is she also encouraged or even allowed to abstain from sex in her marriage bed? My guess is... probably not, since she is expected to "submit" to her man in all things. (Don't even get me started on *that* double standard.) Wouldn't it be nice if she could use a condom to protect herself when she suspects that her husband is engaging in risky behavior?

So, pope, how about addressing the way people actually are and dealing with reality instead of pretending the problems would all go away if they just all did as you said? My problems, too, would all disappear if people just did as I said, but it ain't gonna happen.

Good to see other bloggers agree.

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