Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When we decided to pursue the idea of opening an adult boutique, Leah and I were admittedly nervous. It's fun and titillating to discuss such an idea between yourselves. However, consider flashing your friends and family with that same idea, and one gets a bit tongue-tied. I imagined horrified stares, uncomfortable weight shiftings and long pauses before the inevitable, agonized, "Why would you do that?"

I'm happy to report that I have yet to experience that scenario, and I've discussed Primrose Path with a few dozen people. The reactions so far have ranged from curiosity to outright enthusiasm. Let me give you an example:

I went to church this past Sunday. Seated in the pew with me was a beautiful, well-dressed woman who had accessories I coveted (it's a Unitarian Universalist church, so I'm not obligated to adhere to the Ten Commandments). She was exactly the sort of customer that we want to attract to Primrose Path.

After the service, I introduced myself and worked the conversation around to occupations. When I told her that my business partner and I are aiming to open an adult boutique for women in the fall, her whole face lit up! She gave me her business card (which I happily accepted) so that I could contact her.

We knew that we had a good idea, but it's extremely gratifying to find that other people feel the same way. That is what will make us successful!

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