Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Then a Gorilla Walks Into My Math Class

Happy 2011, everyone!  I hope you had some naughty, sexy fun over the holidays.  The next holiday that's sneaking up on us is Valentine's Day. Feel free to roll your eyes and groan, but there's no avoiding candy hearts and diamond commercials for the next few weeks.

We're working on putting together some of our favorite Primrose Path products for you and your sweetie, but in the meantime, we're going to have a giveaway.  Woo-hoo, FREE STUFF!

Have you had a truly amazing Valentine's Day experience? One that lived up to the unreasonably high expectations that Hollywood movies encourage us to pursue for one day of the year?

Or maybe you had a V-Day disaster of apocalyptic proportions that had you swearing off romance for good. How bad was it?  We want to know!

Tell us about your Best or Worst or Wackiest Valentine's Day ever, so you can win a free massage oil candle. Winner will be notified by email, so make sure your email address is correct! Comment on this blog, on Facebook, on Twitter or send us an email at and tell us about your most memorable Valentine's Day! Each story will be considered an entry into the giveaway contest. Winner will be chosen at random.

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What kind of story are we looking for?  I'll share one of mine as an example.

My Wackiest Valentine's Day Ever
On V-Day during my junior year of high school, I was dating a guy who had already graduated. As the school day started, one of my girlfriends (the one who had introduced us) couldn't stop laughing as she told me, "You won't believe what he's going to do. You're going to be totally surprised!" Then, nothing happened for hour after hour. The suspense had me on edge in all my classes, waiting for this extraordinary event.

Finally, ten minutes before the end of the school day, a gorilla walked into my math class. He was carrying a bouquet of chocolate roses. He walked up to my desk, with all of my classmates staring, open-mouthed, and offered me the bouquet. Then, he turned around and walked out of the room.

Naturally, the guy in the gorilla suit was the guy I had been dating. The costume was a rental. He had had to get permission from the school to be on campus and interrupt my class. Some guys just love a Grand Romantic Gesture.  Too bad that relationship fizzled a couple of weeks later.

I wonder what he's up to these days?


  1. My worst Valentine's Day story-
    this was in high school, I had been with this guy for 2 years and we were planning this really great day. He was going to take me out to dinner, I had gotten him a gift and gotten up early to make him cookies and sat up picking out the *perfect* outfit, and doing my makeup, and had left curlers in my hair overnight and sacrificed a good night's sleep for curly hair. lol By late afternoon, the cookies are made (which are his favorite kind, that I didn't like so I only made them for him), the card is waiting, his gift is waiting, and I am waiting/ I had been waiting for weeks for this big date. We lived in the NorthEast, and it was still winter. It was snowing. He calls after a while, maybe 3pm...He can't make it. There's no way he can drive. It wasn't just snowing outside. There was a full on, total blizzard. NOBODY was out. Weeks of planning, getting him something, wanting to look really great, and looking forward to being swooned and dined..gone. And it wasn't like I could say "Oh, it's okay. We can do it tomorrow." I was REALLY bad outside. It's now know as the "Valentine's Day Blizzard". But...ah..I was just so disappointed. I got off the phone, took off the makeup, got in pajamas, left the cookies on the table, and went to my room and cried and then I went to bed. He couldn't come out until over a week later. The date wasn't as romantic as we had planned, it was a raincheck-date. lol I didn't bother to get all prettied-up for it again. And the cookies were stale, but he still ate them and took the rest home which was sweet. That is my Worst Valentine's Day story. At the time, I was really upset me. lol


  2. My Valentine's Days have, for the most part, been neither highs nor lows. I don't think that I had ever had a typical V-day until my husband and I started dating :) The good part of that is that there weren't any truly wtf or bad moments. The boring part is, well, there aren't any wtf moments!

    However, I do have a good story. Three years ago, we had just moved back up north from Texas. The husband had moved here in September, and I followed in mid-December. One week into January, he left to do his fieldwork in Yemen. As you all are all aware of, Yemen is a failing state. At the time, it hadn't come completely unglued, but it was beginning to. Because of problems with the infrastructure, I had only heard from him once since he arrived in Sanaa, and was worried sick - especially after there were several westerners killed in a botched kidnapping attempt.

    So, Valentine's Day was looking to be pretty miserable. I'm alone, it's February and therefore freezing, and I don't know where my fiancee is or if he's ok. About 10am though, my cell phone rings with an a phone number consisting of all 0's...and for some reason I answered it.

    Thank goodness I did - he had spent all day finding a phone card that could call the US, and had managed to sneak in a two-minute phone call to let me know he was ok, and that the State department was taking care of them. I was so relieved that I think I just cried the whole phone call! So it wasn't a traditionally awesome Valentine, but it was the best I've ever had :)