Monday, June 1, 2009

Brain Dump!

I've been buried under mountains of work and completely neglecting both this blog and Twitter, but I ran across a laundry list of interesting, thoughtful and funny blogs and products worth publishing here.

I'm not going to comment much on these things because that would be an extremely long blog, and my brain is really drained, but please feel free to add your own two cents!

Thoughtful stuff first:

While I remember the March Madness over the Pope's statements regarding condoms increasing the problem of AIDS in Africa, Cory Silverberg's blog is the first I've read about "research" that has been done involving circumcising adult Africans to find out if it reduced their risk of contracting HIV. As if that wasn't repugnant enough (hey, they volunteered, right?), the recommendations that came out of the studies led to a call to circumcise as many men as they could get their hands on. Is that *really* preferable to teaching people to use condoms and practice safe sex? Really?

Then, Cory Silverberg rocked my world a second time today with his coverage of a vibrator use survey. Numbers, beautiful numbers.

Finally, I find out (courtesy of Early To Bed's blog) that Mr. Silverberg wrote the Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability. This tidbit blows my mind because I had just had a conversation 24 hours prior that stumped me where someone asked me if I knew of any books, videos or other resources servicing the disabled community. I wasn't even actively looking for the solution to my problem, and it fell into my lap. Now, the book is speeding to me from No more stumping me on that subject.

Eventually, I clicked away from the fabulous Cory Silverberg, and I stumbled upon a blog at Jezebel that addressed the other aspect of Primrose Path's business: lingerie. With regard to the lingerie that Primrose Path will eventually carry, the plan has always been to accommodate a larger cross-section of women than, for example, Victoria's Secret does. This is the Midwest, and the average woman is not a size 4, but she still wants to wear sexy lingerie that fits and makes her feel good. It seems even more critical to address the needs of Fatshionistas after reading Jezebel's summation of the downsizing of the plus-size industry.

Now, here's the funny stuff:

Just when I thought I'd seen it all and could no longer be surprised, this guy is selling chocolate hats for penises. And, apparently, it's not a joke. Make sure to read the FAQ section. The questions and answers discussing hat size had me laughing out loud. One of my friends suggested a yarmulke as a new addition; I'm thinking maybe one of those beanies with the spinner on top.

One last piece of mindless amusement (although premature ejaculation is not a laughing matter for couples who struggle with it): Jizz In My Pants.

Now, my brain dump is complete.

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